We give consumers a choice...

We provide a standard for energy attribute tracking systems that can be easily implemented so that consumers in all regions of the world can have access to internationally recognized, tradable and reliable electricity attribute tracking certificates (RECs). 


The attribute certificate cycle works like this: A generator is certified by the I-REC Standard, allowing the generator to issue – per MWh of electricity generated – an I-REC Standard certificate. Issuers of I-RECs must adhere to certain procedures and will have registered the electricity generator as well as individual I-REC Standard certificates in the central I-REC registry. End-users are then able to redeem I-REC certificates and make a validated claim about the origin of their electricity purchase.
We believe that all consumers, no matter where they consume electricity, should be able to choose strictly renewable resources from within their nation or region of choice. The I-REC Standard eliminates the possibility of double counting, double issuing and double redemption of RECs and their associated attributes.