About The I-REC Standard Foundation

•• An internationally recognized standardizing body

Facilitating standardized REC schemes around the world

The International REC Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard) is a non-profit organization that provides a robust standard for developing attribute tracking systems. The I-REC Standard is acknowledged by major reporting frameworks such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), CDP, and RE100 as a reliable backbone for credible and auditable tracking instruments. It ensures the highest quality systems and adherence to best practices designed to avoid double counting, double certificate issuance, and double attribute claims.

The I-REC Standard’s International Attribute Tracking Standard ensures that market facilitators adhere to best practices and good governance principles for the tracking instrument and the associated markets they manage. In this way, the I-REC Standard represents a globally recognized standard, which is often referred to as I-REC, that can be implemented for a myriad of products both within and beyond the energy sector that can benefit from harmonization, recognition, market support, and independent oversight. Recognized Issuers, stakeholders, and government bodies can consistently rely on the I-REC Standard and its associated Product Codes while implementing and running robust attribute tracking systems.

The I-REC Standard is committed to ensuring unbiased access to product information and allowing end-users to confidently procure products whose origins are well documented and clearly accounted for, thus empowering renewable energy consumption choices around the world and supporting claims of sustainability.


I-REC guide - How I-REC Works

This I-REC guide document gives a short introduction to the International REC Standard. ...

Aug 11, 2020

I-REC Standard Infographic

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