Code Managers

•• Accredited Codes under the I-REC Standard

Providing detailed rules and regulations for specific geographic regions and energy carriers

The I-REC Standard, owned by the International REC Standard Foundation, provides general principles and definitions for a robust attribute tracking mechanism. Underneath this overarching Standard, organizations can develop more detailed Code documents that set specific rules for specific regions or products such as electricity, gases, heating and cooling. These Codes can be developed independently of the I-REC Standard Foundation, but must be reviewed and accredited by the Foundation to ensure consistency with the overarching I-REC Standard. Once accredited, the owner of a Code is known as a Code Manager. This allows a variety of products to be reliably tracked under one familiar and internationally recognized name: I-RECs.

Code managers can be for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations or governmental bodies that see a need and opportunity to facilitate new markets. Having various code managers enables implementation by local national authorities while maintaining the adherence to robust tracking mechanism in line with the I-REC Standard rules and regulations.


I-REC Electricity Code

This is the electricity Code as provided by Code Manager I-REC Services BV. ...

Jul 29, 2020

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Contact the secretariat for more information