Consultations for stakeholder input as a foundation of governance documents

Stakeholder input is an invaluable resource to ensure the fair and transparent creation of the International Attribute Tracking Standard (Standard) and associated governance documents. To ensure all governance documents are in line with stakeholder expectations, we invite all stakeholders to share comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions through an organized consultation or to the secretariat independently.

A list of all historical consultations can be seen here.

Ongoing Consultation for the International Attribute Tracking Standard

The phases of the consultation will be conducted in phases from April 2021 through the next 9-12 months, focus on a specific portion of the Standard or associated governance documents, and be coordinated through direct communication such as e-mails, meetings, newsletters, as well as being made available here with links to the associated surveys and forms. 

This first consultation phase will go over chapters 1 to 5 of the Standard.

In this first consultation form, we will ask about aspects such as the general form of the Standard, the definitions and principles, and if the purpose of the Standard is well understood.

The second consultation phase will focus on specific content from chapter 8 of the Standard. 

In this second consultation form, we will ask about aspects such as the general responsibilities of Platform Operators, the guidelines for Platform development, infrastructure, implementation, and management.

Consultation on the possible change in issuance criteria in China

Following deliberation on the request for a change in the I-REC for electricity issuance criteria in China, the I-REC Standard Foundation Board has decided to conduct a consultation to determine the path forward related to the proposed change in issuance criteria in China.

You can read the full news item here.

To consult on this issue in English, use this form.




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Consultation - Annulment

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