•• Stakeholder input as a foundation of the governance documents

Mandating stakeholder engagement

For any changes in the I-REC Standard or associated Code documents held by Code managers, the board of the International REC Standard Foundation can mandate a consultation process. These consultation processes will be made publicly available through this website and will be announced in the news section. The secretariat of the I-REC Standard Foundation also actively approaches market players and relevant stakeholders to participate in ongoing consultations.

A listing of ongoing consultations can be seen here.

A list of all historical consultations can be seen here.



EACs and Offsets. What is the difference?

This document explains the difference between Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC), such as I-RECs, and offset certificates. In addition, the document shows how the I-REC Standard electricity...

Aug 19, 2020

Consultation - Annulment

This document shows the initial Code Change request and the report that was drafted after multiple stakeholders were interviewed on the topic. The Code Change was eventually rejected...

Aug 20, 2020

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Get involved ••
Contact the secretariat for more information