Country Development

•• Expanding authorized issuance countries

Promoting standardized tracking mechanisms around the world

Electricity EAC schemes that are adhering to the rules and regulations of the I-REC Standard have several advantages over non-standardized schemes. These systems tend to have a low-cost of implementation, high quality and are proven to have more usage in the first years of development.

The process of expanding to new authorized issuance countries is often initiated by market players or stakeholders with sufficient knowledge of the local electricity market. Typically, the Foundation requires that national government officials are informed of and/or support the creation of these voluntary markets. The support or acknowledgement from local authorities ensures that market development is sustainable and that market players and stakeholders can have confidence in the long-term nature of the market.

The International REC Standard Foundation decides in which countries and by whom I-RECs can be issued. It does this based upon multiple criteria, including country reports. Country reports are available for each country in which I-RECs are issued, these can be found under the world map. The standard template can be downloaded from the column on the right of this page.

Country reports submitted to the board will be publicly listed on this page until such time that the board has reviewed them. In this way, market players can be informed about coming market developments.

Country reports pending board review:
– None


Template Country Report

A filled-in country report is one of the criteria through which the board of the International REC Standard Foundation decides whether to accept a new country as authorized issuance...

Aug 13, 2020

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