Electricity Purchaser

The electricity end-user has a choice when purchasing renewable electricity…

In many  electricity markets around the globe, the consumer cannot choose the electricity product they wish to consumer. With I-RECs renewable electricity can be traded in a transparent and reliable fashion where no existing attribute tracking system is in existance. The robust system avoids double counting, double issuance or double claiming of attributes. The use of I-REC Standardized certificates is accepted by the GHGP, CDP and other sustainability surveys for the disclosure of renewable electricity usage internationally. Through this “book-and-claim” procedure, the consumer has a choice in their power purchase.

The trade of I-RECs is done digitally through an electronic registry. The registry allows individual I-REC certificates  to be documented throughout their lifecycle, from verification and issuance to redemption and use. By having clear documentation of the certificate’s life the I-REC Standard can maintain the uniqueness of each individual I-REC certificate.

For more information on the redemption and trade of I-REC certificates take a look at the guide documents here.