Facilitation of the Market

•• Facilitating user-friendly systems for market players’ use

Market implementation for types of stakeholders

As indicated in the role description of Code managers, I-REC Services/Evident holds the Electricity Code and implements these rules and regulations in various markets under the guidance of the I-REC Standard Foundation. In this way, the Electricity Code and the Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) are in-line with the overarching rules and regulations of the International Attribute Tracking Standard.

Currently, the I-REC Services/Evident’s Electricity Code is implemented by 10 Issuers that are responsible for the issuance of I-RECs in over 30 countries. In addition, hundreds of market players (registrants and participants) are using their associated services.


I-REC Electricity Code

This is the electricity Code as provided by Code Manager I-REC Services BV. ...

Feb 15, 2022

CSD03 - The Issuer

Code Subsidiary Document 03 ...

Feb 23, 2023

CSD05- Change Management

Code Subsidiary Document 05 ...

Feb 23, 2023

GCC - Standard Terms and Conditions

All potential registrants with production devices in regions where the Green Certificate Company (GCC) is the issuer must accept these terms and conditions as part of their application...

Aug 17, 2020

Termos e Condições Padrões para Registro e Emissão

Standard Terms and Conditions - I-REC Registrant in Brazil ...

Aug 11, 2020

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