ISC 2022 Pre-conference Registration

•• Pre-conference fees and registration

The I-REC Standard Conference (ISC) 2022 Pre-conference will take place on the 31st of October 2022 (the day before the first conference day). Registering for the ISC 2022 Pre-conference does not mean you have registered for the conference days on 1 and 2 November 2022, you will need to register for that separately: Go to Registration→

Pre-conference fees can be found below. Please use this page to register for the ISC 2022 Pre-conference. By registering for the I-REC Standard Pre-conference 2022 you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Registration for the ISC 2022 Pre-conference

There will be three Pre-conference sessions. Pre-conference session 1 and Pre-conference session 2 will occur in parallel from 14:00-15:30. As these Pre-conference sessions occur at the same time (in parallel) it is advisable to only register for one of the sessions.

Pre-conference session 3 is free to attend, but you must register for it as space in the room is limited. This session will occur from 16:00-17:15. 

Registration can be accomplished through the Ticket Menu to the right. Purchasing Pre-conference tickets and registering is a three-step process.

Step One: Selecting your ticket(s)

  1. In the amount box to the right of the ticket you wish to purchase, input the number of tickets you’d like to purchase using the plus or minus signs or by entering the numerical value in the box.
  2. Do you have a discount code? Add it in the discount field and press ‘Apply’ to see it applied.
  3. Click ‘Registration/Continue’

Step Two: Purchasing your ticket(s)

  1. In the check-out window, review the summary of the tickets you have selected by selecting the ‘Show details’ button.
  2. Enter your billing information in the ‘Your billing information’ section.
  3. Select your payment type from the ‘Payment options’ section: Credit Card is the only valid payment option, please enter the necessary information.
  4. Check that all the details you have entered are correct, then press ‘Pay.’

Step Three: Registering by assigning ticket(s)

  1. In the ‘Basic information’ section of the Assigning Ticket window, input the contact details that will be associated with this ticket.
  2. In the ‘Additional information’ section, answer the three questions in relation to the person being assigned the ticket.
  3. Review the information you have provided, then press ‘Save.’

It’s important to note that assigning tickets is the final step to registering for the ISC 2022 Pre-conference. Once you have assigned tickets, you will not be able to change the information and must contact the I-REC Standard secretariat if you wish to do so. Additionally, if you do not know the information for the other individual(s) who will be joining, please contact the secretariat once the information is known.

Please also note that only one discount code can be applied to an order.


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ISC 2022 Registration Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions for all completed registrations to the I-REC Standard Conference 2022 to be held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 1st and 2nd of November 2022. ...

Speaker information will be available soon.

For any questions, please contact Erika Srebnicki of the I-REC Standard at

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