ACT as Gold Sponsor for ISC 2022

Feb 17, 2022

The I-REC Standard Conference (ISC) 2022: Standardizing Global Attribute Markets will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on 1 and 2 of November 2022.

The I-REC Standard Foundation is pleased to announce that ACT Commodities (ACT) has taken the Gold Get Together Sponsorship for the ISC 2022.

ACT is the world’s leading provider of market-based sustainability solutions. Working at the center of the global energy transition, ACT helps organizations hit their climate action targets, no matter how ambitious. Since 2009, ACT has become a trusted brand in high-impact climate projects, renewable energy markets, energy efficiency, renewable fuels, and carbon credits. ACT delivers tailor-made solutions from offices in Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai, and Paris, enabling its partners to join the environmental revolution and pursue more sustainable futures.

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