ISC 2022 News | EKI Energy Services Ltd. as Meeting Sponsor for ISC 2022

May 31, 2022

The I-REC Standard Conference (ISC) 2022: Standardizing Global Attribute Markets will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on the 1st and 2nd of November 2022.

The I-REC Standard is pleased to confirm EKI Energy Services for a Meeting Sponsorship role for the I-REC Standard Conference (ISC) 2022. EKI Energy Services Limited is a Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) listed company offering strategic solutions to businesses and organizations globally to achieve their climate ambition. Contributing significantly to the development of a climate-resilient global economy, the company offers strategic and profitable solutions to organizations globally for their carbon asset management – including carbon credit generation, supply, and offsetting.

EKI Energy Services was founded in 2008. Today, the company is a leading Carbon Credit Developer & Supplier in the World. EKI has been passionately working towards rehabilitating planet Earth to a future of net-zero carbon emission. They have a deep passion to contribute toward the betterment of planet Earth at its heart, the company offers an extensive bouquet of end-to-end sustainable solutions for climate change and carbon offset.

EKI delivers consultancy services for global carbon offset standards like CDM, VCS, Gold Standard (GS), GCC, IREC, TIGR, and GES across its offerings on climate change, energy, and sustainability. The company’s offerings include Carbon Asset Management, Carbon Credit Trading, Carbon Footprint Management, Sustainability Audits, Carbon Neutrality, Nature-Based Solutions, and community upliftment projects.

The company has more than 2500 clients across 40 countries worldwide and has traded in over 100 million offsets to date. The company contributes 90% to the total carbon credit exports from India. EKI was recognized among ‘Super 30 companies of the year 2018’ by Silicon reviews for being the most Innovative and Strategic business. The company was also adjudged as the “Best Broker” and “Best Trading Company” in the Environmental Finance Annual Market Ranking Awards of 2020.

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