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Independent entities responsible for the registration and issuance of I-RECs

Issuers are responsible for the registration of ‘Registrants’ (production device owners or entities acting on production device owners’ behalf) and their respective production devices in a country or region. Without Issuer authorization for a specific country or region, it is not possible to issue I-RECs for production devices in that country or region. In addition, Issuers are responsible for the issuance of I-RECs, which includes the verification of data, which is typically provided by users.

For each Product Code, in each country, the I-REC Standard Foundation Board must authorize or promote an Issuer to implement the rules established in the Product Code that are adherent to the International Attribute Tracking Standard (Standard).

It is our preference for a local Issuer to be appointed, as a well-informed stakeholder in the country or region as they can stay up to date with legislation and ensure the reliability of the implementation of the Standard. However, the role of the Issuer can be fulfilled by a variety of entities such as for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, or governmental bodies. But most importantly, Issuers must be able to act independently of the market, which means that they cannot be involved in the production of the underlying I-REC or in the trade of I-RECs.

Current Approved Issuers for I-REC(E):

Department of Energy Abu Dhabi: The Department of Energy Abu Dhabi (DoE of Abu Dhabi) is the newly approved I-REC(E) Issuer in Abu Dhabi. Registration can take place through the DoE Abu Dhabi website. For more information, please contact the I-REC Standard secretariat at Issuance country: Abu Dhabi.

ECSIM: ECSIM is a non-profit organization focused on green solutions for societal and environmental struggles, as well as a local I-REC Issuer in Columbia. Registrations can take place through Fundación ECSIM, which can be contacted directly through their website. Issuance country: Colombia.

EGAT: The Electricity Generating Authority in Thailand (EGAT) is Thailand’s leading state-owned power utility under the Ministry of Energy. Registration is possible through EGAT’s website. Issuance country: Thailand.

ECOJER: ECOJER Association is the I-REC(E) Issuer for Kazakhstan. ECOJER’s goal is to consolidate the business and civil society to represent and protect common interests, assist in environmental protection activities; take a balanced approach between the government’s environmental policy, the public interest in improving environmental quality, and the need to develop the economic potential of the business community. Registration can take place through ECOJER’s website. Issuance country: Kazakhstan.

Ecostar Energy Solutions: Ecostar Energy Solutions has been approved as the local I-REC for electricity Issuer in Zambia, having been supported by the Ministry of Energy (MOE) of Zambia. For information on registration, please contact the I-REC Standard secretariat at Issuance country: Zambia.

Energy Peace Partners (EPP): EPP issues Peace Renewable Energy Credits (P-RECs) labeled RECs, among other ordinary I-REC(E). P-RECs are designed to stimulate renewable energy market development in fragile and energy-poor regions of these countries. The I-REC Standard Foundation recognizes P-RECs as I-REC(E)s with a ‘peace’ label that indicates high-impact social co-benefits. Registrations can take place through Energy Peace Partners’ website. Issuance countries: Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Haiti, and Ethiopia.

Foton Energy: Foton is an energy-transition start-up company based in Turkey. The company became Turkey’s official I-REC issuer in July 2020, in advance of an expected regulated market for EACs in Turkey. Registration can take place through Foton’s website. Issuance country: Turkey.

Goal Number Seven (GNS): All activity in Russia is currently suspended.

Green Certificate Company (GCC): GCC certifies renewable energy generation around the world. The I-REC Standard Foundation often approves GCC as the default Issuer of I-REC(E) in the case no other suitable local Issuer can be identified. GCC will be released from their position as the default Issuer if a suitable local alternative is identified. Registration can take place through Issuance countries: Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam, Ecuador, Cambodia, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.

Green Energy Service (GES): Registrations can take place through Green Energy Services’ [e-mail]( Green Energy Services can be contacted directly via e-mail. Issuance country: Israel.

Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación (IRAM): IRAM is an independent, not-for-profit association that has experience in ISO and other Standardization processes. Registration can take place through IRAM’s website. Argentinian devices can be registered following the development of the Local Working Instructions (LWI) by IRAM. Issuance country: Argentina.

Instituto Totum: Instituto Totum provide Brazilian companies, associations, and business with modern solutions in line with global trends in ​​certification. Instituto Totem is the local Issuer in Brazil. Registrations can take place through Instituto Totum’s website. Issuance country: Brazil.

Lebanon Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC): The LCEC was created by the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as an independent, not-for-profit organization within the Ministry of Energy and Water in 2011. The LCEC is driven to expand Lebanon’s development of efficient, renewable energy sources and to increase energy security and de-carbonization levels. The LCEC proactively develops policies, implements projects, and assists in shaping the market in harmony with the global sustainable energy transition. Registration can take place through their website. Issuance country: Oman

Local Good: Registrations can take place through Local Good. Please contact the secretariat ( for more information regarding restrictions and timing. Issuance country: Japan.

Normex: Normex is a worldwide organization, accredited by the Mexican Accreditation Entity AC (ema) and approved by the Ministry of Economy, as well as by different government entities, to carry out standards, audits, inspections, and laboratory tests, under the requirements of national and international standards. Registration can take place through Nomex’s website or by contacting Antonio Muñoz Trejo, e-mail: Issuance Country: Mexico.

The Pakistan Environment Trust (PET): PET is a non-profit organization mobilizing global capital and expertise toward tackling Pakistan’s toughest environmental challenges. Partnered with leaders from business, finance, government, and non-profits, PET delivers initiatives that are enabling the transition towards a climate-resilient, low-carbon, and biodiverse Pakistan. PET’s mission is to mobilize global capital and industry-leading expertise toward solving Pakistan’s toughest environmental challenges. Registration can take place through their website. Issuance country: Pakistan.

Santiago Climate Exchange (SCX): SCX is a private organization focused on tracking the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and local I-REC Issuer in Chile. Registrations can take place through Santiago Climate Exchange’s website. Issuance country: Chile.

Three Pillars Group: Three Pillars Group Consulting is an Oman-based consultancy specializing in various environmental assessments including the renewable energy sector. Issuance country: Oman.

World Green Economy Organization: The World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) emerged in response to the priorities and concerns identified from Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012. The World Green Economy Organization (WGEO) has taken over the role of I-REC Accredited Issuer from the Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence (DCCE) in the Emirate of Dubai. Issuance country: Dubai.


Issuers under the Electricity Code

This document shows a list of Issuers under the Electricity Code and the country in which they are active. ...

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