12 November 2019

I-REC workshop at WETEX convention in Dubai

The International REC Standard Foundation spoke on the first day of the WETEX convention in Dubai about the success of I-RECs internationally together with DCCE, the issuer of the U.A.R. In the following days, the International REC Standard Foundation gave a workshop about the I-REC system followed by another presentation about the future role of I-RECs in sustainable cities. The Foundation is pleased with the results of the convention and is confident that demand can drive renewable energy developments in the U.A.R.

Click here for pictures of the event.


9 November 2019

SPGroup accredited as issuer in Singapore

The SPGroup has been officially approved by the International REC Standard as issuer of Singapore. The International REC Standard is looking forward to continuing the cooperation with SP Group in facilitating a robust tracking system in which consumers can choose their electricity source based on reliable information.


2 November 2019

Self-consumption simplified via the I-REC Standard

The I-REC Standard Foundation board voted to approve a simplified method for device owners to redeem their own certificates on their behalf. End-users of electricity with owned (renewable) generation facilities were previously required to register or work with a market participant to redeem certificates for their own generation. This change allows these “prosumers” to procure and redeem certificates from their own facilities with a greater level of flexibility and at reduced costs. This new process is intended to limit the burden and complexity for these self-consuming renewable generators. The process will be implemented on an issuer-by-issuer basis starting in January 2020. If you have questions about self-consumption or the process in which it will be implemented please contact the secretariat at


22 January 2019

I-REC workshop at the REC Market Meeting 2019 in Amsterdam

The International REC Standard will be speaking at the 9th edition of the REC Market Meeting, the annual conference organized under the auspices of RECS International. The conference brings the latest news and updates about demand side markets for renewable energy worldwide. 


12 October 2018

6-year 8.3 million certificate deal in Brazil

Atlantic Energias Renovaveis has signed a deal to deliver about 8.3 million I-RECs in Brazil over the next 6-years. This is yet another sign that the market in Brazil is expanding significantly due to the support of market players, local authorities and the local issuer Instituto Totum. 


9 July 2018

Issuance criteria in India expanded

The I-REC Standard board has voted to expand issuance criteria in India. In the coming weeks the secretariat was instructed to expand issuance criteria in India to adhere to the following:


20 May 2018

Minutes meetings with Chinese NEA and NRIC

In April the I-REC Standard board and Secretary General concluded a study trip in China to meet with the Chinese National Energy Administration as well as the National Renewable Energy Engineering Information Management Center (NRIC). 


14 May 2018

Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence working on allowing certificate issuance in Morocco

Harmonized tracking systems are increasingly being implemented around the world. Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) is the legally authorized issuer for the I-REC Standard in the United Arab Emirates (see here). In an effort to expand the support of attribute tracking systems across the Arab world DCCE is cooperating with local electricity producers in Morocco to ensure broader consumer engagement in countries where cost-efficient renewables production is already a reality today. 


20 April 2018

I-REC Standard to support self-consumption

Self-consumption accounts are becoming increasingly important. Stakeholders and market players expressed their interest in self-consumption through an official I-REC Standard Code Change Proposal. 


15 April 2018

Singaporean National Environment Agency contracts I-REC Standard

The I-REC Standard has been awarded a contract by the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore to provide renewable energy certification services in Singapore. This will allow the NEA to register renewable energy assets on the I-REC registry, as well as issue, transfer and redeem attribute tracking certificates. These attribute tracking certificates can be used to substantiate claims of renewable energy generation or consumption. The official press release can be seen here.


10 November 2017

Minutes: 24 October 2017 I-REC Standard Advisory Group Meeting - New York, United States

The Advisory Group is open to all interested stakeholders  working to promote reliable attribute tracking systems. Minutes of the Advisory Group meeting in New York on 24 October 2017 can be seen here
The next Advisory Group meeting will take place in March 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, during the REC Market Meeting
For more information, please contact the I-REC Standard Secretariat:

3 March 2017

Minutes: 22 March 2017 I-REC Standard Advisory Group Meeting - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On behalf of the market players and stakeholders who make use of the International REC Standard, RECS International will coordinate an I-REC Standard Advisory Group meeting. The meeting is being organized in direct coordination with the I-REC Standard board and secretariat. The meeting is planned for 14:30 – 17:00 on March 22, 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Update April 25 2017: Minutes for this meeting have been published and can be seen via the link below.

8 November 2016

Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence authorized by Dubai Supreme Council of Energy

The secretariat received authorization on November 7th 2016 from the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy granting the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) the exclusive rights to document and issue RECs in the United Arab Emirates. The I-REC secretariat is working together with the I-REC Standard board and DCCE to ensure the I-REC Standard is implemented in the UAE in a reliable and transparent manner. Issuance is expected in early 2017 assuming the I-REC Standard board authorized DCCE as local issuer. Please contact the secretariat for more information.


8 August 2016

The I-REC Standard issues certificates in India

In collaboration with local stakeholders, national authorities and international market players the International REC Standard has authorized the Rest of the World (RotW) issuer to conduct issuance of I-RECs in India. The I-REC Standard board allowed for the issuance of I-RECs as long as there is guaranteed to be no interaction with the existing Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO). For this reason the issuer in India is restricted to issuing I-RECs from renewable production devices of >25 MW installed capacity hydroelectricity. It is the hope of the I-REC Standard that the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) will takeover issuer activities in 2016.


2 February 2016

Retroactive registration, residual mix deadlines and impacts on 2017 issuance

During the December 15, 2015 I-REC Standard board meeting it was decided to extend retroactive registration rules into 2016. During this meeting there was also discussion to implement a system-wide residual mix (RM) deadline and as such restrict issuance for production taking place after the RM deadline. As a result of this discussion a code change request has been submitted to the I-REC Standard board for approval.


19 August 2015

NREL Fact sheet on renewable electricity: How do you know you are using it?

The U.S. based National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently published a two-page document titled, “Renewable Electricity: How do you know you are using it?”. The document primarily focuses on the use of RECs in the U.S. and how the reliability of the attribute transfers can be guaranteed. In the final section, “International Use of RECs” The International REC Standard is mentioned as a customized tracking system that can be implemented for individual countries.

For more information on NREL you can go to their website here:

To view the fact sheet “Renewable Electricity: How do you know you are using it?” click here:


28 July 2015

European University Institute presents the I-REC Standard as a way to improve efficiency of investments

The authors of the paper “Capturing Synergies among the Power Markets around the Mediterranean" suggest that governments can implement electricity tracking systems as a way to make renewable, “green” investments, more attractive. The I-REC Standard is presented as a possible option for national governments looking to implement these type of attribute tracking systems.


2 July 2015

Businesses begin purchasing standardized RE in Asia

ECOHZ, a supplier of a wide range of renewable energy solutions to electricity providers, businesses and organizations across Europe and together with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, have taken the lead in promoting renewable power documented with the I-REC Standard.