CSG Carbon Asset Management (CSGCM) becomes I-REC(E) Issuer in Southern China

Apr 17, 2023

The International REC Standard Foundation and CSG Carbon Asset Management (GuangZhou) Co., Ltd. (CSGCM) signed a Local Issuer Agreement on 11 April 2023, with both entities now making I-REC available to energy producers and consumers effectively immediately.

CSGCM is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSG (China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.), which is responsible for carbon assets, REC, and other related businesses, and has rich business experience in GEC, I-REC, and other fields.

CSGCM will be the first official, Accredited Issuer of I-REC in China covering the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Hainan, as well as Hong Kong SAR and Macau. This cooperation will enable all generators in these regions, and all energy end users in China, to use the internationally recognized I-RECs for their energy and carbon reporting and synchronize with the expanding requirements of global trade. CSGCM will integrate this into its infrastructure and user base, seamlessly providing market participants the opportunity to use domestic or international reporting systems for energy tracking.

The I-REC Standard Foundation is pleased to announce the cooperation with CSGCM and looks forward to servicing market participants in tracking energy and carbon in China. To download the official press release, click here.

For any questions regarding the press release or this news item, please contact the I-REC Standard secretariat at secretariat@irecstandard.org.