Minutes: 22 March 2017 I-REC Standard Advisory Group Meeting - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

3 March 2017
On behalf of the market players and stakeholders who make use of the International REC Standard, RECS International will coordinate an I-REC Standard Advisory Group meeting. The meeting is being organized in direct coordination with the I-REC Standard board and secretariat. The meeting is planned for 14:30 – 17:00 on March 22, 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Update April 25 2017: Minutes for this meeting have been published and can be seen via the link below.
The Advisory Group is open to all interested stakeholders  working to promote reliable attribute tracking systems.
The Advisory Group meeting will take place after the RECs Market Meeting. Registration for the RECs Market Meeting can be done here: www.recsmarket.eu
Registration for the advisory group meeting can take place via the link: http://www.recs.org/events/22-march-2017--i-rec-standard-advisory-group-meeting---amsterdam--the-netherlands
For more information, please contact the I-REC Standard Secretariat: secretariat@recs.org
Minutes from the meeting can be seen here