Release of the revised I-REC for Electricity Product Code

Nov 4, 2021

In 2018, the I-REC Standard Foundation Board approved the separation of the I-REC Standard Foundation from underlying market facilitation. The International Attribute Tracking Standard that was released April 2021 represents the completion of that separation and the recognition that other Products may be offered under the quality flag of the I-REC Standard Foundation.

One such Product is the I-REC for Electricity (I-REC(E)) Product Code owned by Evident Services. The Evident Code for Electricity is in full compliance with the International Attribute Tracking Standard and accredited by the I-REC Standard Foundation.

Currently, the I-REC Standard Foundation is hosting a consultation on the I-REC(E) Product Code. This consultation has been created to get your feedback and help us improve the I-REC(E) Product Code based on your input. 

To view the I-REC for Electricity Product Code, click here.

To learn more about the I-REC Standard generated consultation on the I-REC for Electricity Product Code, go here. Or to go directly to the consultation form, visit here.

For more information on Evident Services and their registration process, visit their website.