State of Israel supports development of the I-REC Standard

18 October 2018

The State of Israel supports the development of the I-REC Standard as a method to account for Scope 2 emissions within the national voluntary GHG Registry.

Israel has a significant potential but limited current installed capacity for renewables, making up just over 2% of the country’s electricity generation. Israel has however significant investment potential and impressive economic ranking (AA-), making the opportunity to push the market for renewables, through demand-side growth,  a relevant and realistic support mechanism. For this reason the I-REC Standard supports the recognition of the national authorities and look forward to developing the I-REC standard in the country under the guidance of the national authorities and in cooperation with local stakeholders.

For information on the issuer in Israel contact:

To view the letter provided by the Israeli authorities on I-REC Standard’s acceptance in the national voluntary GHG Registry click here.