I-RECs for Electricity

The I-REC(E) Code

 An I‑REC for electricity is referred to as I-REC(E) and is an exchangeable Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) that conveys information about the production of a unit of electricity, such as where the electricity was produced, the capacity of the Production Facility, and the energy source. I‑REC(E)s can be used for a variety of (voluntary) requirements including Scope 2 reporting, national energy reporting, and general End-user claims, and allows all electricity users to make a conscious and evidence-based choice for electricity, in any country where service providers have been Accredited by the I-REC Standard Foundation. The use of I-REC(E)s is accepted by relevant consumer claim standards including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, CDP, RE100 and others.

The I-REC(E) Code, held by Evident/I-REC Services B.V., is an I-REC Standard Accredited Product Code that describes the application of the International Attribute Tracking Standard. The I-REC(E) Code sets out the definitions, processes, and procedures that form the requirements for the issuance, transfer, and redemptions of an I‑REC(E).

The I-REC(E) Code defines all procedures and processes relevant for the facilitation of the I-REC for electricity Product Certificate.


Evident/I-REC Services BV

Evident is the Code Manager and owner of the I-REC(E) Product Certificate.  


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I-REC Electricity Code

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Nov 4, 2021

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