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•• Communicating principles of attribute tracking mechanisms

The International Attribute Tracking Standard

The I-REC Standard Foundation’s International Attribute Tracking Standard (Standard) is a set of requirements that ensures the condition and nature of attribute tracking systems such as GOs and RECs (and many more) are of the highest quality and meet the most rigorous expectations of stakeholders, market parties, and End-Users. The Standard defines how various organizations can coordinate and facilitate attribute tracking systems, as well as their associated markets, and be Accredited or proven compliant with the defined regulations.

The Standard is underpinned by broad principles that enable the implementation of robust attribute tracking mechanisms and lead to the development of well-functioning markets around the world. The goal of the Standard is to provide clear and concise rules for organizations that facilitate the Product markets for Product Certificates, as well as for the users of those associated markets.

While the Standard does not define the Products adherent to the Standard, it ensures that all Products adhere to the same high-quality requirements. It is our experience that Products like electricity, non-fossil gas, hydrogen, carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS), and other Products that can benefit from an attribute tracking Infrastructure, will benefit from the common rules provided in the Standard.


The International Attribute Tracking Standard v.1.0

This is the International Attribute Tracking Standard (Standard), a set of requirements that ensures the quality of attribute tracking systems meet the most rigorous expectations of...

Apr 15, 2021

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